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Caucus and Assembly Process

Political Parties

Historically the Democrats and Republicans have been the primary parties in Colorado. They are the only two political parties having organized committees within Weld County. New or minor parties are provided for by state election laws.


A precinct is a geographic area within county boundaries and is the smallest legal political unit in Colorado.

Precinct Caucus

Party organization begins with the precinct caucus. Registered voters affiliated with the Democratic or Republican party meet at their respective precinct caucuses in even numbered years to nominate delegates for their precinct.   To vote in a precinct caucus or to qualify as a delegate, one must have been affiliated with the party for a period of at least two months prior to the precinct caucus.

Assembly and Primary Election

Party candidates are nominated for the primary election by the designating assemblies. Names of winners of the Democratic and Republican primaries are placed on the general election ballot along with names of unaffiliated and third party candidates. Unaffiliated candidates candidates get their names on the general election ballot by petition. There is a provision for write-in candidates also.


General elections are held in even numbered years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Primary elections take place on the last Tuesday in June in even numbered years. (A voter not registered with a party must affiliate with a party to vote in a primary election.)  Coordinated Elections are held in odd numbered years on the first Tuesday in November. 

More Information

For more information contact your political party.

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